Oct 27th .2009

Today I asked teacher Sam about the organic garden. He said: “In the garden, there’re corns, strawberries, leeks, gourds, bananas, pineapples, bitter gourds, corianders and lettuces. All of the fruits and vegetables are organic in the garden. It’s hard to manage the garden, because the plants in the garden need to water every day. To solve insects problem, we used the pepper water to kill all kinds of insects, but sometimes the pepper water didn’t work. Usually, we need to use hands to catch the warms.”
Before I joined this project, I thought being a farmer is an easy job, but now I personally experienced I know that having a farm isn’t easy. You need to have time and energy to keep the farm working.

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  1. Good job, Steven.
    I'm proud of you, and will link your website to TIG, invite more students to join you.