The second week in our organic garden(Julie)

Today is a sunny day, this is our second week working in the garden. Teacher Cindea made some sushi for us, it’s very delicious. We loved it very much. We weeded out almost half of the weed. We’re happy to do that. That made us happy. I like the farm, hope you all like it, too.

The frist week in our organic garden(Arail)

Today is a sunny day. When we were weeding, I dug out a beetle’s larva accidently. It’s small and cute. In addition to that, we found many ladybugs. There were small bugs and big bugs, red, yellow, and brown ones. They are all so beautiful and cute. I like the farm, there are many interesting things in it. It’s a great farm.

The frist week in our organic garden(Julie)

This week is the first week of our new semester. My four classmates and i worked in our organic garden every day. We’ve seen many insects in our garden this week. There are many kinds of ladybugs, yellow, red, one-line stripe .... And my classmate, Arial, dug out a beetle’s larva, it’s so small, very interesting. I’m happy to join this working team, it makes my school life more colorful.