Daffodil Dec 29th .2009

Dec 29th .2009
Length: 20.6cm
Length: 25.2cm
Degree: 18.8℃



Today teacher Cindea, teacher Sam, Annika and I went to the radio station to have an interview. At the beginning, four of us were all very nervous about what to say. But after we saw the anchorman, our nervousness disappeared immediately, because the anchorman is very humorous. When we started to record, everything went very smoothly. It is going to brodcast at 12:15, Dec 29th, F.M. 97.5. We are looking forward to hearing our own voice.

Daffodil Dec 28th .2009

Dec 28th .2009
Length: 20.2cm
Length: 24.9cm
Degree: 15.7℃


Daffodil Dec 27th .2009

Dec 27th .2009

Length: 20.2cm

Length: 25.8cm

Degree: 19.8℃


Daffodil Dec 24th .2009

Dec 24th .2009
Length: 20.2cm
Length: 25.5cm
Degree: 21.9℃


Daffodil Dec 23rd .2009

Dec 23rd .2009
Length: 20.2cm
Length: 25.3cm
Degree: 17.2℃


Daffodil Dec 22nd .2009

Dec 22nd .2009

Length: 20.0cm

Length: 27.1cm

Degree: 16.9℃


Daffodil Dec 21st .2009

Dec 20th .2009
Length: 19.9cm
Length: 24.7cm
Degree: 16.9℃


Daffodil Dec 20th .2009

Dec 20th .2009
Length: 19.8cm
Length: 29.8cm
Degree: 17.2℃


Daffodil Dec 16th .2009

Dec 16th .2009
Length: 19.3cm
Length: 30.2cm
Degree: 17.2℃
The smaller daffodil grow slower. It's maybe because it's only 17 ℃.


Daffodil Dec 16th .2009

Dec 16th .2009
Length: 19.2cm
Length: 28.3cm
Degree: 21.3℃
The highest leaf has hang down, so the higher daffodil is shorter.


Daffodil Dec 15th .2009

Dec 15th .2009
Length: 18.7cm
Length: 30.1cm
Degree: 21.3℃

Dec 10th .2009

Today, our teacher told us there are forty kinds of vegetables or plants which we can eat in the organic garden! It surprised me. Because I thought there may be only about thirty kinds of plants which we can eat. There are some special plants like: coffee, guava......

These days the temperature is getting higher, but the weather report said the temperature will become lower on Wednesday. Maybe the weather report is wrong.


Daffodil Dec 14th .2009

Dec 10th .2009
Length: 15.6cm
Length: 29.9cm
Degree: 24.5℃


Daffodil Dec 10th .2009

Dec 10th .2009
Length: 13.7cm
Length: 23.6cm
Degree: 23.2℃


Daffodil Dec 9th .2009

Dec 9th .2009
Length: 12.3cm
Length: 22.9cm
Degree: 20.3℃