Nov 24th .2009

Today I found all the signs of the organic garden have been changed by teacher Sam. They become clearer to read. Most of the plants in the garden have sprouted, for example, egg plants, lettuce... During these days, Chinese cabbages have grown very very fast. Last time when I saw it, it’s just about 1cm . But today, it’s about 5cm !

Teacher Cindea told me that I should post the information of my daffodils on iEARN forum, and let more people read it.

Exchanging growing experience with other countries is exciting and interesting, we can have comparison on different weather reports, timing... I'll record every detail.

Daffodil Nov 25th .2009

Nov 25th .2009
Length: 4.0cm
Length: 16.9cm
Degree: 26.7℃


Daffodil Nov 24th .2009

Nov 24th .2009
Length: 4.0cm
Length: 16.1cm
Degree: 24.0℃


Daffodil Nov 23rd .2009

Nov 23rd .2009
Length: 3.8cm
Length: 15.8cm
Degree: 24.0℃
The short daffodil didn't grow very fast. But the tall daffodil grow "very" fast!
The temperature doesn't be higher, it even be lower.
(The first day wasn't so high. It's high because the machine is in the car!)


Daffodil Nov 22nd .2009

Nov 22nd .2009
Length: 3.6cm
Length: 15.2cm
Degree: 22.3℃
It's very cold for seven days. I hope it could be warm again.


Daffodil Nov 20th .2009

Nov 20th .2009
Length: 3.4cm
Length: 14.0cm
Degree: 22.1℃

Cold current have countinue a few days, so the temperature is still not very high.


Daffodil Nov 18th .2009

Nov 18th .2009

Length: 3.2cm
Length: 13.0cm
Degree: 22.1℃


Nov 17th .2009

Nov 10th .2009
Today, teacher Cindea wanted me to take one more daffodil back home. On Thursday, Annika and I will have a video conference with the students from Japan. I'll try to present our organic garden work in 3-5 minutes, so it's very difficult for me, and I'm very nervous.
Today the weather turned cold, so the diagram of the weather machine goes very low. But it didn’t make a lot of effect to the daffodils; they grow very quickly as usual. Even though the video conference is on Thursday, we already have lots of things to do!

Daffodil Nov 17th .2009

Nov 17th .2009
Length: 12.4cm
Degree: 21.3℃
Today it's change cold in afternoon. Because the cold current has come.


Machine of weather and humidity

This is a machine which can survey weather and humidity. For example: Today's weather is 21℃-32℃. Humidity is 50%-70%.

Daffodil Nov 16th .2009

Nov 15th .2009
Length: 11.9cm
Degree: 26℃


Daffodil Nov 15th .2009

Nov 15th .2009
Length: 11.0cm
Degree: 25.8℃

Daffodil Nov 14th .2009

Nov 14th .2009
Length: 10.4cm
Degree: 22.0℃

Daffodil Nov 13rd .2009

Nov 13rd .2009
Length: 9.0cm
Degree: 24.0℃


Daffodil Nov 12nd .2009

Nov 12nd .2009
Length: 7.6cm
Degree: 27.0℃


Nov 10th .2009

Today, the teacher wanted me to take a daffodil back home and measure the length and degree of the soil. Because today is our day of growing daffodils, many countries will join the project this week. In Feng-xi, we have eight sprouted daffodils, and two daffodils didn’t sprout yet.
Our school joined this project last year, and left dried daffodils in the garden storage. Sam took it out, threw in the garden for a month, and it sprouted last week. It is like a miracle, soooo interesting.
When the first day I planted the daffodils, it’s 5.8 cm . But today, it’s 6.8 cm ! I think it grows too fast. Only twenty-four hours, but it grew 10 cm . How amazing it is!

Daffodil Nov 11st .2009

Nov 11st .2009

Length: 6.8cm

Degree: 22.0℃


Organic Garden pictures

Spaghetti with basil from our organic garden---Cindea made

Teacher Sam


Chinese basil

Chinese toon tree

Sweet corn




Sweet basil


Daffodils---ready to grow